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October 11, 2012
The Roamin’ Nose on Edinburgh’s Eyre Place

A little under a month ago, we blogged about the Roamin’ Nose, a new cafe bistro which was gearing up for launch on Edinburgh’s Eyre Place.

The Roamin’ Nose is now open for business in the premises formerly occupied by a branch of La Garrigue.

You can find the full opening hours here but it serves breakfast, lunch and dinner most days and, during the day, it could well prove a popular spot for lunching local office workers and Mums in need of coffee and cake as well as feeding diners in the evening.

There’s a strong Italian flavour to the menu. Think spaghetti served with anchovies and capers but it also serves sandwiches, cakes and coffee along with hearty dishes such as roast chicken legs with sweet potato and Parmasan.

Your blogger has not been in but a writer from Weekend Notes has been. You can read Lindsay Law’s thoughts on the Roamin’ Nose here.