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October 25, 2012

There has been a bit of a reshuffle on Edinburgh’s Turkish restaurant scene recently. Nargile on Hanover Street has become Yeni Meze Bar.

As we reported way back in 2010, Ruya Iridag and her partner and chef Stuart Anderson are still heading up the renamed restaurant but, as well as a new handle, the menu now seems to have more emphasis on the meze element – perhaps as a way of riding the ongoing vogue for tapas/small plates.

This blogger is not long back from Istanbul, a short break which has started what looks like being a long and torrid love affair with Turkish food.

Spicy, barbecued mackerel rolls? Yes, please.

Drinking the pickling juice used to preserve everything from cucumbers to plums? Hmmm, less sure about that despite our guide’s assurance that it was a traditional and reliable hangover cure.