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November 21, 2012
Scaramouche: once a film, now a pub

The 5pm blog is running hard (yes, we are wheezing) to keep up with all the new pub openings in Glasgow.

One of the newbies is The Scaramouche on Elderslie Street. Apparently, a much older version of The Scaramouche traded in the premises many years ago but even the 5pm blog can’t cast its mind back quite that far.

Poker & pizza

We remember it being The Observatory and, briefly, The Bollywood Club, but that was all a few years back.

Anyway, before I start dribbling into my Horlicks, the new Scaramouche seems to have a strong focus on pizza, poker and football.Or at least they are the most prominent subjects on the bar’s Facebook timeline.


Visit during any televised match taking place in Spain and free empanadas seem to be the name of the game.

That’s pies for those who don’t parliamo Spanglish.

Search by cuisine

While pies are close to the heart of the 5pm blog they are not the only food likely to set our pulse racing. One of the most handy features of 5pm restaurants is the ability to search your local bars, restaurants and bistros by the type of food they serve.

You can see the full list of 5pm gastropubs here.  You may also be interested in this list which shows 5pm venues serving traditional dishes. Many of them are bars and pubs.