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November 12, 2012
Vintage Frenchmen celebrate the season’s new wine. Is it just us or does the guy in the hat look like Joe Pesci in Goodfellas?

Just a quickie to draw attention to a tasty little event at Le Bistrot de l’Institut francais d’Ecosse on Edinburgh’s Randolph Crescent.

Every year on the third Thursday of November, tradition has it that the French open the first bottles of Beaujolais nouveau, the popular ’vin de primeur’ that has just fermented for a few weeks.

On Thursday 15 November, Le Bistrot will be celebrating the arrival of Le Beaujolais nouveau with tasting and buffet of Beaujolais region specialities.

The cost is £13 for a glass of Beaujolais, a caillette pork parcel and the buffet.

Wacky races

Back in the day, the people who used to market Beaujolais nouveau had a field day organising wacky races to see who could get the first bottles of the wine from the vineyards to Paris, London and so on. Balloon races, rickshaw races and even an elephant race were used to promote the wine.

5pm offers

Le Bistrot is run by Fred Berkmiller, chef patron at L’escargot Bleu and Blanc, two Edinburgh restaurants which often appear towards the very top of 5pm’s most highly rated restaurants.

You can check their offers here and here.