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January 9, 2013
Bar Soba has crossed the M8 and launched in Edinburgh

The 5pm blog spent the run-up to Christmas with its nose firmly attached to the grindstone.

Still, we don’t know how we missed the fact that Bar Soba, a long time hit in Glasgow, has done gone and opened on Hanover Street in the capital.

Bar Soba on Mitchell Lane and, more recently, on Byres Road are known as cool hangout for pan-Asian food, sweet cocktails and DJs playing tunes which are far too hip for the blog’s iPhone.

In December, team Bar Soba swept into the capital and set up shop at 104 Hanover Street, former site of Amore Dogs. The new venue has taken the successful Glasgow formula, added in some east coast DJs and everyone seems happy.

I like the sound of the dub and curry nights.