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February 13, 2013
Anodised pans: a survey suggests that many women would a set for Valentine's Day. We would suggest safer alternatives.
Anodised pans: a survey suggests that many women would love a set for Valentine’s Day. We would suggest safer alternatives.

It seems unlikely that anyone could have overlooked the fact but tomorrow is Valentine’s Day and the blog has been inundated with gift suggestions.

My personal favourite comes from the household goods supplier Wayfair UK who have analysed their sales in the run up to St Val’s Day and decided that what most women really, really want as a love token from their partner is a Raymond Blanc by Anolon Hard Anodised Five Piece Cookware Set.

Good luck with that one. ‘Say it with kitchenware,’ doesn’t strike me as a slogan which is likely to catch on.

Love burger

I have fewer issues with the Love Burger being served at Edinburgh’s Bar Kohl. Burgers and romance may not seem the most happy bedfellows but this one is apparently laced with aphrodisiac spices and topped with fried paprika, garlic and lime oysters.

While an aphro-burger is not the most obvious precursor to a night of passion, it’s possibly a safer way to show someone how you feel than rampaging around a jeweler’s shop with a baseball bat because the ring you bought your partner for Valentine’s Day doesn’t fit.

Valentine’s gifts

If you have still to make your Valentine’s Day gift arrangements then you might want to take a look at 5pm’s Valentine’s Gift page. From hotel breaks to spa days and Valentine dinners, there are plenty of great ideas for romantic ways to pamper a loved one.

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