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March 14, 2013
Chefs Dominic Jack and Tom Kitchin are to open a bar in Stockbridge
Chefs Dominic Jack and Tom Kitchin are behind The Scran and Scallie, opening in Stockbridge in April

A few weeks back, the 5pm Restaurant blog related the news that Tom Kitchin and Dominic Jack, of The Kitchin and Castle Terrace respectively, were to open a gastropub in Edinburgh’s Stockbridge neighbourhood.

The new bar is to be called The Scran and Scallie and the launch of the new venture is scheduled for the first week of April.

Modern Scottish food is the aim of the game for the menu while the décor combines tartan, tweed and earthy tones.

Tom says, ‘Dominic and I are incredibly passionate about modernising traditional Scottish dishes – or “scran” – and we really want people to feel they can come into the pub and relax with their friends and families any day of the week.  The Scran & Scallie is all about spending time enjoying home-cooked favourite food in great surroundings. Our aim is to create a neighbourhood pub where local food and drink are in focus.’