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June 19, 2013
[Martin Morales is taking ceviche around the UK][1]
Martin Morales is taking ceviche around the UK

The Peruvian dish of ceviche, or fish ‘cooked’ in citrus juices, has been one of the hottest trends on the London restaurant scene for around a year or so. Chef Martin Morales is one of the people most responsible for the boom thanks to his Soho restaurant called, you guessed it, Ceviche.


In mid-July, Morales is heading to Scotland for two nights as part of a ten date, pop-up tour to promote his new book Ceviche Peruvian Kitchen.

On Sunday 14th July, Morales and his team will be at Ardkinglas House on Loch Fyne doing a Ceviche masterclass demonstrating how to make the restaurant’s Don Ceviche dish using sea bass. In the evening, diners will be able to taste some of Ceviche’s signature dishes at a pop-up in the same venue.

You can see the menu here.

Edinburgh date

The next day, on Monday 15th July, the show rolls into Edinburgh and Restaurant Mark Greenaway for another masterclass and pop-up.

Tickets will be available for the tour from here, priced at £48 per person, for dinner and a copy of the Ceviche Peruvian Kitchen book. Tickets for the masterclass, dinner and a copy of the Ceviche Peruvian Kitchen book will be £75.

Mr Morales is an interesting figure. He has already had a very successful career as both a founder member of iTunes Europe and a director at Disney Music. He helped launch the careers of the Jonas Brothers and Miley Cyrus but we won’t hold that against him.

A couple of years ago, Morales decided to jack it all in and follow his passion for Peruvian cuisine. He packed in his job and sold his house a couple of years in order back to kick start his food career.

His first venture was a pop-up which sold out after one tweet. A restaurant on Frith Street followed and he has never looked back.