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July 5, 2013
[Curing and smoking their own bacon is all in a  day's work at Burger Meats Bun][1]
Curing and smoking their own bacon is all in a day’s work at Burger Meats Bun

Glasgow is rapidly turning into some sort of carnivorous Valhalla as another new burger joint opens today.

Following in the meaty, fragrant footsteps of Cocktail & Burger and The Meat Bar, Burger Meats Bun is scheduled to open its doors on West Regent Street.

Burger bros

It’s run by two blokes (burger bros?) who met while working at Fife’s Peat Inn. They decided to jack in their jobs and follow their burger dreams.

‘Burgers. But Better’ is the strap line at the new place. This means that the burgers are served in a brioche bun and use the best Scotch beef while the chickens used in the burgers and wings are slow reared.

Cluck it

This blogger particularly liked the sound of the Cluckin’ BLT made with confit chicken leg meat, home cured bacon, mayo and salsa verde.

As well as a magic mushroom burger, the menu also features three salads – items which, one suspects, might just be outsold by the three varieties of chip on offer.

Burger Meats Bun will be running a lunchtime takeaway service during the week. If there are six or more in your party then they will take reservations otherwise the idea is just to turn up and see if a seat is available.

New openings

Next on the Glasgow burger horizon time line is the proposed sit-in version of Buddy’s BBQ and Burgers which has taken the Southside by storm.

Buddy’s was a finalist in the Takeaway section of the Scottish Restaurant Awards which were held in June. The prize went to Martha’s in the end but not before Buddy’s announced plans to open an Americana style diner on Pollokshaws Road this summer.

It’s an event which a lot of people are looking forward to with forks poised.