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July 3, 2013
[Live cook stations are part of the appeal at the new Cosmo in Edinburgh][1]
Live cook stations are part of the appeal at the new Cosmo in Edinburgh

Chinese and Indian food have been easy to find on British high streets for well over fifty years but, until recently, other Asian foods were harder to track down.

Peking roast duck? No problem. Korean bulgogi? Hmmm, get a plane ticket.

Pan-Asian restaurant

If you like getting your dentures in to dim sum and your teeth into teppanyaki then Edinburgh’s Omni Centre can offer an alternative to a fourteen hour flight.

Opening today, Cosmo is a pan-Asian restaurant serving dishes from around a dozen different cuisines in the restaurant’s new Greenside premises.

Since launching in Eastbourne ten years ago, Cosmo restaurants have spread all over the UK. The Omni Centre is Scotland’s second after the original Scottish branch opened in Aberdeen last year.

All-in-one price

A mix of banquet buffets and live cooking stations, Cosmo lays on some 150 different dishes at an all-in-one price.

While Indian curries; Thai noodles, sushi and crispy duck are all prominent on the menu, the choices spread far beyond Asia. If you want pizza, cottage pie or tacos then Cosmo can provide.

The pricing for adults starts at £7.99 for lunch rising to £14.99 for a peak time evening meal.