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August 2, 2013
[Pommery Champagne are back at the Signet Library][1]
Pommery Champagne are back at the Signet Library

The first Friday of the Fringe will be saluted this evening by the sound of dozens of Champagne corks being popped.

Today’s the first day of a month long pop-up from the Pommery Champagne people. As per last year, the Pommery Champagne Cafe Bar is taking up residence in the historic Signet Library on the Royal Mile until Monday 26th August.

Some 21,000 glasses of champers were downed in the cafe last year and few will be surprised if that record doesn’t come tumbling down in the next few weeks.

Exclusive venue

Situated just off the Royal Mile, by St Giles Cathedral, the Signet Library is one of those exclusive Edinburgh venues which the public rarely gets to see.

During peace time, the library is home to the prestigious Society of Writers to her Majesty’s Signet, an association of Scottish lawyers.

Filling the space with hundreds of bottles of Champagne seems rather an effective method of lightening up the image of both libraries and Edinburgh lawyers – neither of which are often mistaken for a cracking party.


As well as lots and lots of Pommery Champagne, there will be afternoon teas, top notch seafood and deli bites on offer.

Tutored Champagne tasting

If you are serious about Champagne then Sara Hicks, the UK Ambassador of Pommery, will be hosting a tasting tutorial on Thursday 15th August from 5.30pm. Bubble-lovers will be guided through four seasonal Pommery Champagnes before enjoying a roast lobster and potato wedges.

Naturally, here at the 5pm blog, we never drink Champagne without a little roast lobster to accompany it. Or crisps. We like crisps too.

[Lobster at the Pommery pop-up][5]
Lobster at the Pommery pop-up