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October 23, 2013
[Are you a super taster? There's only one way to find out.][1]
Are you a super taster? There’s only one way to find out.

Dundee Science Festival starts this weekend and one of the most fun events may be Saturday’s Savouring Sensory Science class.

Taking place in Chambers Coffee House, the class is billed as an interactive evening where the science of taste meets some delightful food and drinks.

Molecular food pairing

Guests will drink Scotch whiskies which have apparently been paired with canapés on a molecular level.

Myths about taste will be debunked and the organisers hope to lead guests on a multi-sensory journey which will discover if there are any super tasters in the audience.

The evening ends with a flavour tripping session which may well involve miracle berries – curious little berries which make your taste buds think that sour is sweet.

Flavour tripping

To summarise, this is what gastronauts can expect on the night: a Maltajito cocktail on arrival with canapé; interactive taste tests; four drams with dramatic pairings and, to end, a palate-tingling, flavour-tripping tasting safari.

The event takes place on Sat 2nd Nov from 7pm. Tickets are £25 a head.

If your senses are still up to scratch when the vent draws to a close then you may fancy a little, or indeed a big, supper to round off your evening.

You can browse 5pm’s ever-expanding range of Dundee restaurants from here.