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October 28, 2013

Scottish saithe, also known as coley, was recently granted MSC certification as sustainable. I could try and tell you what this means in term of spawning stock biomass but, to be polite, I would be talking through my hat.

Suffice to say that the scientists at the Marine Stewardship Council have given Scottish saithe the green light so we can can all eat it without guilt pangs.

Smoked or salted

Our European cousins are very fond of it with the Germans preferring theirs smoked or salted.

Thanks to an invite from Seafood Scotland, the 5pm Dining blog was at Edinburgh’s Cafe Fish a couple of week’s back to see the certificate of sustainability being handed over to the Scottish Fisheries Sustainable Accreditation Group.

While there, we were treated to a really delicate and light saithe in batter; meaty chunks of roast saithe served with salsa verde and an aromatic saithe curry.

Versatile fish

Saithe is a versatile fish with a medium sweet flavour. Similar to cod or haddock, it would make a decent alternative to either of them.

It has good, chunky, flesh flakes and, while it is off white when raw, it turns white when cooked.

The video shows a recipe for making crispy saithe fish fingers. Or if you want to be posh, crispy saithe goujons.

It’s taken from the Fish is the Dish website.