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November 4, 2013
[Cocktails on tap are one of the draws up on The Hill][1]
Cocktails on tap are one of the draws up on The Hill

As Take That so astutely noticed, everything changes. Especially Glasgow’s restaurant and bar scene.

Courtesy of Roy Beer’s West End blog we learn that Le Bistro Beaumartin are branching out from the city centre with a new Kelvinbridge venture.

Apparently Epicure de Beaumartin is aiming to be a sit-in deli version of the Hope Street restaurant.

Burgers and cocktails

Sticking with the West End, Skinnys is a new burger and cocktail joint which is taking shape on Otago Street. It’s on the site of Crabbie Mac’s formerly Tattie Mac’s.

Back up on Byres Road, The Hill has appeared in the space left empty by Otto.

Bangers ‘n’ mash

Cocktails on tap and trad pub grub such as fish ‘n’ chips and bangers and mash are among the attractions. Dinertec from The Evening News got in early with a review.

If everything goes to schedule then Glasgow should have a Hard Rock Cafe in the next few weeks.

The 170 seat diner is pencilled in to open in the old Athenaeum on Buchanan Street in November.