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December 12, 2013


Christmas is an excellent excuse to experiment with some cocktail recipes.

Festive ingredients such as cinnamon, cranberry and mulled wine can be used in creative ways to create tipples with a festive twist.

Channings Bar and Restaurant have given us the recipe for their delicious cocktail the “Reagent’s Reward,” created by their bar manager Matthew Cunningham.

The mix of orange, bourbon, cinnamon and ginger flavours, will make you feel warm and Christmassy in no time.

Follow the directions below and watch the video to create your own version at home.

Reagent’s Reward Recipe

[Channings Reagents Reward Cocktail][2]
Channings Reagents Reward Cocktail

Ingredients: orange, Bulleit Bourboun, Bushmills, sugar syrup, orange bitters, cinnamon stick, ginger ale.

  1. Fill the shaker with ice
  2. Fill glass with ice
  3. Prep orange garnish: wedge of orange and dot with 3 cloves
  4. 1 measure of Bulleit Bourbon and 1 measure of Bushmills
  5. Pour sugar syrup for 2 seconds
  6. Couple of drops or orange bitters
  7. Give it a long stir
  8. Add more ice to glass
  9. Add orange and cinnamon stick
    1. Pour in mix to glass
    2. Touch of ginger ale
£18.50 for two courses from the festive dinner menu at Channings Bar and Restaurant, or £25.50 for three courses, from 5pm Dining.