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January 17, 2014

A new year is traditionally a time to put long delayed plans into action. A time to stop saying you are going to do something and actually do it.

Here in the 5pm office, you probably won’t be surprised to learn our new year resolutions mainly revolve around eating out. With so many new restaurants arriving in Glasgow and Edinburgh, as well as old classics, it’s hard to get round to trying them all.

Here are the restaurants our staff members are determined to visit in 2014.



Zico Iqbal, Glasgow Business Development Manager

“This year I am determined to visit Two Fat Ladies at the Buttery. It has a fantastic reputation for food and service and I do not know how I have managed to keep myself away from it for this long!  I have frequented Two Fat’s West End on numerous occasions and it is one of my favourite restaurants. I hope the Buttery can live up to its expectations!”

£16.95 for 2 courses from the lunch & pre-theatre menu at Two Fat Ladies at the Buttery, Glasgow. £19.95 for 3 courses. Includes a 175ml glass of wine.


IonaIona MacArthur, Edinburgh Business Development Manager

Yeni Meze Bar is new to 5pm so I have not had the chance to try it yet. I am a huge fan of Turkish/Middle Eastern food so the menu looks fantastic and there are also a lot of healthy options to choose from. As it is in the heart of Edinburgh city centre I am looking forward to trying this restaurant after a day of shopping.”

SALE – £12 for 2 courses from the January sale menu at Yeni Meze Bar, Edinburgh. Includes a filter coffee or tea.



Daniel Paterson, Big Deal Coordinator

“For me it’s the Butchershop Bar & Grill. I’ve been meaning to go for ages as a friend recommended it saying the steaks were excellent. I haven’t managed to get along yet. Definitely soon!”

Celtic Connection Dinearound – £15.95 for 3 courses from the lunch & pre-theatre menu at Butchershop Bar & Grill, Glasgow.


1157545_10151610504575765_1034432851_nRuth Broers, Marketing Manager

“I keep meaning to try Tower Restaurant at the Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh. It’s supposed to be very chic inside, a quiet luxury, according to their 5pm Dining profile. The food gets well reviewed and it’s in a great location with views across Edinburgh. One for my 2014 must visit list!”

£15.95 for 2 courses from the light lunch/pre-theatre menu at Tower Restaurant, Edinburgh. £22.95 for 2 courses and a glass of Billecart-Salmon Champagne.


photo-1Gillian O’Hara, Health and Beauty Manager

“Every time I go out to Mar Hall for an appointment I see their Italian restaurant Il Posto which sits separate to Mar Hall right next to their golf course overlooking the water.  I keep saying I would love to go there for dinner one night. If only I had a man who would take me!”



What restaurants do you want to try in 2014? Check our 5pm dining page for inspiration.