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January 24, 2014



The 5pm Dining blog is always interested in new and unusual restaurants and they don’t come much more unconventional than the Wild Cabaret and Wicked Lounge which is taking shape on Glasgow’s Candleriggs.

Scheduled to open in February, it’s billed as ‘a high end entertainment and arts venue which shall combine fine dining, boutique beverages, top class service and world class performance art.’

Vegas eat your heart out! Wild and Wicked are aiming to be Scotland’s only, full time cabaret restaurant.

Circus acts

While other restaurants interview for chefs and front of house, Wild Cabaret have been auditioning for singers, dancers and circus acts.

Perhaps they could double up. Who wouldn’t pay good money to see a waiter deftly juggle your plates before putting them on your table?

Perhaps the trapeze acts could drop fresh ice into customers’ drinks from a height. Strictly Come Cheffing with pirouetting pan-bashers would definitely be a crowd-pleaser.

Alternatively, if your date was being annoying, you could always ask the magician to make them disappear. Endless possibilities.