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May 29, 2014

If you’re craving a curry, Finnieston has a number of Indian restaurants to satisfy your palate and not only this, a lot of them have some fascinating facts that we’re sure will enrich your experience.

Bukharah & healthy Indian food

Bukharah on Finnieston side of Sauchiehall Street dubs itself as the ‘healthy Indian restaurant’. We spoke to Restaurant Manager Zahid Sattar about why exactly they think they’re the healthy Indian alternative in Glasgow.

“We tend to do things a little differently. Most of our food is from different regions from India and Pakistan; it’s a mix of all types of food but we specialise in Seafood. We also try to give it a Scottish twist by using Scottish salmon etc. Our seafood is extremely popular.

“The reason we are healthy is, I’ve worked in restaurants for 25 years in the surrounding areas and, for example, all our vegetables that we use in our kitchen are all fresh. Traditional Indian restaurants would probably use tins, ours are 100%  fresh.

“Also we don’t use ghee, in our cooking we mostly home pressed rapeseed oil and some olive oil as well. The oils we do use in our foods are very minimal as well. Most of our cooking is done on the tandoor, so if there is any hint of grease or fat then it rubs off. Ghee does add a lot of flavour to the food but our chefs use more fresh ingredients and different styles and ways of cooking, mostly on the grill. This gives it that different taste, which is unique.

Watch Executive chef Min Kharel make chicken lajawab – lots of flames!

Offer – £12.95 for 2 courses on set menu – view menus here.


Robbie Coltrane in the Kitchens of India Quay

Situated on the Clyde at the bottom end of Finnieston, India Quay offers stunning views over the river and the “squinty bridge” and is only a short walk away from the SECC and Hydro.

Aside from the views, the food has been given the stamp of approval by none other than celebrity local Robbie Coltrane. A few years ago Coltrane was doing a mini-series on Britain and on his Glasgow tour he stopped by India Quay and even ended up in the kitchens.

Watch the extract here.

Offer – £10.95 for 2 courses from post theatre menu view menus here

Mister Singh’s, a celebrity favourite

Kanye West, Orlando Bloom, Sean Connery… these are just some of the world famous celebrities who’ve graced the tables and enjoyed a curry at Mister Singh’s on Elderslie Street. Listen to Restaurant Manager Mark Singh talk about when Kanye West visited the restaurant.

And another fun fact, if you’ve ever been to Mister Singh’s you will have noticed the marrying of the Scottish and Indian in the décor and clothing the staff wear. The waiters wear kilts in the restaurant’s very own registered tartan – Mister Singh’s Tartan.

 Offer – £12.95 for 3 courses on dining in menu + glass of wine or beer – View menus here.

Over 40 years of Ashoka Argyle Street

Did you know this West End landmark is the oldest Ashoka restaurants, founded in 1973?

Its cosy space offers diners a menu that’s mostly Punab in style however some of the dishes take advantage of the complimentary flavours of the Scottish and Indian cuisines. Watch Chef Shyamal Nayek make haggis pakora below.

Offer – £20.99 2 person offer + single measure drink or half pint of lager – view menus here. 


Green Chilli Café & tapas

[Green Chilli Cafe][6]
Green Chilli Cafe

Sometimes a whole Indian curry dish can be too much and Green Chilli Cafe on Finnieston’s Argyle Street serves curries in tapas-style portions. This means you get the chance to try lots of different types of curries too!

As well as curry tapas, there are numerous other Indian tapas choices, the haggis fritters are particularly popular. 

Chilli heads may want to tuck into the spicy achari chicken while those who like their spice but not too much of a nip might prefer the smooth and creamy chicken chasni.

For the real Indian deal, try the desi lamb, a bhoona style lamb dish with added green chilli, ginger and coriander – delicious.

[Green Chilli Cafe][8]
Green Chilli Cafe

Whatever your tastes, there are over twenty different curries to choose from at Green Chilli Cafe.

 Offer – £12.95 for 2 courses on a la carte menu – View menus here.