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May 6, 2014

Carina Contini and her husband Victor are familiar faces on Edinburgh’s restaurant scene.

Together, they have run Centotre on George Street for ten years and The Scottish Cafe and Restaurant on The Mound for five.

Last night, Carina launched her latest book at The Scottish Cafe and Restaurant. Called Carina Contini’s Kitchen Garden Cookbook, it tells how the Continis set about converting an abandoned Victorian kitchen garden into a thriving enterprise which produces beautiful vegetables and honey for their restaurants and family.

Last night, the Continis also announced that the names of their restaurants were changing to become Victor and Carina Contini Ristorante and Victor and Carina Contini The Scottish Cafe and Restaurant.

The 5pm Dining Bog also hears rumours that they have another project on the go. Will Edinburgh see a third Contini outlet in Edinburgh in the next couple of months…

We caught up with Carina at her launch last night and asked about her new book.