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May 9, 2014
[Guillermo of El Gusto.][1]
Guillermo of El Gusto.

Hot on the heels of both Ox and Finch plus the NY American Grill opening in Glasgow this week, we see that El Gusto has started its fiesta on Gibson Street.

Billed as offering Spanish breakfasts, tapas and pinchos, or bite-sized tapas, it’s the baby of Guillermo de la Orden, an award-winning chef from Seville.

You can see the menus from here. There are familiar choices like the chorizo in red wine and Spanish tortilla but our interest was piqued by less familiar dishes like the lamb simmered in white wine with ginger and mango.

As far as we can see, the most expensive tapas is £5.50 while all the pinchos are a quid. At the time of writing, El Gusto doesn’t have a licence so diners are welcome to BYOB.