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May 12, 2014
[Like beer? Clerk#s bar has lots of it. And bbq. And sport.][1]
Like beer? Clerk#s bar has lots of it. And bbq. And sport.

The 5pm Dining blog was at the official launch of Clerk’s Bar in Newington last week.

Formerly the Dragon Way Chinese restaurant, the South Clerk Street bar has been completely renovated by Maclay Inns and turned into a craft ale and bbq bar.

Baby back ribs

They smoke their own baby back ribs, chicken and pulled pork for up to twelve hours and we can happily verify that it’s all delicious, especially when accompanied by some of the hot sauce which sits on every table.

We can also put in a good word for the hot dogs. We would love to comment on the mac ‘n’ cheese sliders but figured that we might actually have exploded if so much as one final crumb had passed our lips last Thursday.

Craft beer

There are always lots of craft beers on tap and Clerk’s seems to show pretty much every sporting event going on several screens.

Apparently, it also attracts lots of students from the nearby Edinburgh Uni sports centre. ‘They want protein and we’ve got it cooked low and slow,’ explained the manager.

Clerk’s Bar is the latest in a string of acquisitions for Maclay Inns. The group currently has around 30 venues and is looking to double in size over the next twelve months or so.

The opening of Clerk’s Bar follows hgot on the heels of the nearby Southsider being given a new look earlier this year.

Other Maclay venues include Munro‘s, The Hope and the Lansdowne Bar and Kitchen in Glasgow. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I must go and wash my hands. I still seem to have some bbq sauce on them.