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May 27, 2014

We asked five 5pmers who either live in Finnieston or dine in the area frequently, just exactly why they love it so much.

[Margaret Thomson][1]
Margaret Thomson
[Sonja Smith][2]
Sonja Smith
[Sonja Smith][3]
Paula Duncan
[Vicky Allison][4]
Vicky Allison
[Randolph Sweeny][5]
Randolph Sweeny


What do you most like about Glasgow’s Finnieston?

Margaret – I love how Finnieston has become so cosmopolitan over the last few years. There’s always been lots to see and do but more eateries have now come into the area.

Sonja – Finnieston is the perfect distance from both the City Centre and from Byres Road in the ‘heart’ of the West End. There’s always a real buzz on the streets with new places popping up all the time and it’s lovely having Kelvingrove Park on the doorstep too.

Paula – There’s so much going on in Finnieston especially when any concerts are on at the Hydro or SECC. There are plenty of great restaurants and hotels to pick from and just walking along the Clydeside is magic, the area really has come into its own.

Vicky – During the day it’s a nice area to walk around, with Kelvingrove park nearby and cafes aplenty! The nightlife is vibrant with an array of pubs and restaurants to pick from.

Randolph – Put simply, Finnieston is easy to get to and has a great atmosphere.


What’s your favourite 5pm restaurant in Glasgow’s Finnieston and why?

MargaretButchershop Bar & Grill is my favourite restaurant in the area as the food is fantastic, there’s obviously a great choice for meat eaters and despite its name, there are good options for non-meat eaters too. It’s also close to both town and the West End.

Sonja – I’m a huge fan of the laid-back vibe at Firebird. The staff are so friendly and I’ve never been disappointed with the food. It’s also got a great Tuesday night quiz!

Paula – La rotunda: their Italian food is really tasty and the service and atmosphere are great. I love it when something is on at the SECC or Hydro because it’s got a buzz about it plus the car park at La Rotunda is a bonus.

McPhabbs fish & chips

Vicky – It has to be McPhabbs, it’s in a central location making it easily accessible and the staff provide great service. It’s typical pub grub, but the portion sizes are good and the food is very tasty!

Randolph – I love India Quay; its food is fabulous and the service is fantastic.


What’s your one favourite or memorable dish in a 5pm restaurant in the Finnieston?

MargaretBukarah’s chicken chasni – mind you my daughter would say steak in the Butchershop.

Sonja – You can’t go wrong with one of Firebird’s wood fired pizzas. My favourite topping is the Blue Monday.

Paula – Spaghetti Ai Gamberoni from La Rotunda. Very fresh and always tasty.

VickyMr Singh’s south indian garlic chilli chicken is delicious!!

Randolph – The sharing platter at India Quay.

Firebird pizza
Firebird pizza


What do you most like about dining and going out in Finnieston?

Margaret – The atmosphere is great – there are loads of options for pre/post gig meals.

Sonja – The quality and variety of restaurants and bars is unrivalled anywhere in Glasgow. It’s also very good for people watching!

Paula – The buzz and atmosphere, no matter what restaurant you’re in, on concert nights.

Vicky – There are plenty of restaurants and pubs to choose from plus it’s central for most people.

Randolph – It has a great atmosphere, there are lots of up and coming venues and it’s easy to get taxis home from Finnieston.


Describe your perfect day in Finnieston.

Margaret – Get up early and wander round Kelvingrove Park, head for a coffee and go to Kelvingrove Museum for a couple of hours. I would then meet friends for dinner in Yen Rotunda then have a nightcap in Ben Nevis – bliss!

Sonja – ‘Piece’ serves the most incredible selection of fresh and delicious sandwiches so that would be a must for lunch. Finnieston has a couple of really cute shops so I’d have to buy a few treats for myself at The Shop of Interest. After a wee stroll in the park I’d order steak and chips at the Butchershop Bar & Grill and then finish off with a few quiet drinks at the Ben Nevis, ideally when there’s some live traditional music playing.

Paula – My perfect day would be a sunny day enjoying a beer in La Rotunda beer garden with some lunch watching the world go by.

Vicky – A nice walk through Kelvingrove Park on a sunny day. Stop off for a spot of afternoon tea somewhere and then on to a pub or two.

Randolph – A few drinks and a stroll around the shops and art galleries and finish the day off with a curry – perfection!

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