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May 8, 2014

Around three weeks back, the 5pm Dining blog mentioned the whisky dinners taking place at Arisaig restaurant to celebrate the Homecoming Whisky Month.

The first dinner takes place in the Merchant Square restaurant this Friday with Scotch Broth Events taking guests on a surprising sensory journey through the world of whisky.

Science of whisky

Called the Malts and Molecules Whisky Dinner, the evening promises a fun look at the science of whisky tasting. As well as sensory experiments, the event will feature a four course dinner with each dish matched to selected whiskies on a molecular level.


This Youtube clip introduces Scotch Broth events.

Ewan Henderson, founder of Scotch Broth Events, explains, ‘Science has taught us there is no perfect match between food and drink because everyone tastes things differently. But it is in our nature to want neat solutions.’

‘We’ve looked at this on a molecular level and paired whiskies and ingredients which share the same or similar volatile compounds. These pairings complement one another and bring out different aspects of each other’s flavour characteristics. It is a fresh approach to whisky tasting.’

‘This will be an evening where Scotch whisky, Scottish produce and cutting edge science all come together.’

Whisky cocktails

In addition to innovative whisky cocktails and a four course dinner with matched whiskies, the event will feature scientific tastes tests as well as debunking a few whisky myths.

The Scotch Broth whisky dinner is the first of four whisky-themed evenings taking place at Arisaig in May. The others are:

Whisky Comedian Dinner – over a three course dinner, acclaimed comic Alan Anderson will be entertaining guests with blind taste tests and a live version of his popular, online, Whisky Comedian chat show. Friday 16th & Saturday 17th of May.

The Story of Scotch – four course whisky dinner with tasting and entertainment from the vibrant Simply Whisky duo. An evening looking at the stories behind Scotch; its provenance and the craftsmanship needed to create this fascinating drink. Friday 30th May.

All events cost £55 a ticket and start at 7pm.