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May 22, 2014


Scotland is well known for its whisky, salmon, game and shellfish but a new publication aims to put the country’s chocolatiers on the map.

The Chocolate Larder: The Guide to the Chocolatiers of Scotland is the latest addition to The List’s informative Larder of Scotland series of food guides.

Printable chocolate

If you have ever wondered where to source raw or printable chocolate then the Chocolate Larder has the answer.

Featuring some 75 chocolatiers, the guide takes the form of a folded A2 map. One side has a map of Scotland locating 75 sites where locally made chocolate is produced or sold. The reverse has further information on each site such as address, opening hours and so on.

Made by hand

Almost every chocolatier in this map makes their products entirely by hand, and though cacao is not grown within these shores, many go to lengths to use the finest locally sourced ingredients including Scottish cream, butter and fresh, local flavourings from raspberries to whisky and gin, or even in some cases, foraged herbs and berries.

Chocolate classes

The Chocolate Larder Food Map includes:

A clear key indicating which chocolatiers are open to visitors, and which venues have cafés on site.

A brief introduction to each chocolatier.

Find out who runs courses, workshops and parties for children and/or adults.

The Chocolate Larder is the first in the series to focus on a particular sector, and was produced by The List in partnership with the Scottish Chocolatiers Network with support from the Community Food Fund.

The Chocolate Larder: The Guide to the Chocolatiers of Scotland can be ordered from here. It’s free but there is a £1 P&P charge.