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May 2, 2014

We asked 5pm Customer Care team member Scott McGowan about his favourite restaurant in the Merchant City, SoHo on Miller Street, which serves an extensive range of Italian food to suit pizza and pastas lovers alike.

We asked Scott a few questions about why he loves the popular restaurant – read what Scott says below or view the full interview in our video.

Why do you love SoHo on Miller Street?

It’s a really nice restaurant, casual and not too fancy. The food is really good, the prices are great and the staff are friendly.

If you had to pick one item on the menu as your favourite dish, what would it be?

Oh, I don’t know, here are quite a few! I quite like more simple food, so Arrabbiata is a top pick for me and SoHo’s is one of the best I’ve had. Then again I really like their cheese pizza, there are lots of really good choices plus lots of options for people who’re more adventurous than me in their food tastes!

Why do you think someone who has never been to SoHo on Miller Street should give it a try?

It’s a really nice venue, in a really nice area. The prices are great for what you get. I think someone who’s never been will really like the staff and the layout of the restaurant. It has a nice décor and atmosphere.

Why do you enjoy visiting the Merchant City?

It’s a nice place to walk around and see all the beautiful buildings and bars. Yeah, it’s a nice place to be.

If you want to give SoHo on Miller Street at try after Scott’s glowing review, they’ve got some great offers on at the moment: 

£14 for 2 courses on the a la carte menu or £10.50 for 2 courses on the pre-theatre menu – more info.