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June 11, 2014

For that classic bodega feel, Tapa is a must-visit; it’s situated in a converted warehouse in Edinburgh’s Leith and is all open stonework and natural materials. Equally authentic are the tapas on offer. The head chef is from Seville and passionate about Spanish and Andalusian food and the freshness and authenticity of ingredients used in the cooking.

5pm reviewer Marta Abos in fact said “It’s one of the best Spanish restaurants in Edinburgh”.

We’ve picked some of our favourites. WARNING: may make your mouth water.

1. Morcilla de Burgos


Morcilla de Burgos looks fantastic; its a dish that originates from the very north of Spain in Burgos. Piquant black pudding has rice through it which makes it much more light than other black pudding dishes. The black pudding is pan fried and placed upon a bed of caramelised red onions and  topped with a fried quail’s egg.

2. Carrilladas Ibéricas


Not a dish for vegetarians but the Carrilladas Ibéricas offers a true taste of Iberia. Cheeks of Iberian back pig are braised slowly in red wine and topped with apples caramelized in pedro ximenez sherry. A final sprinkling of almond flakes finish the dish off. 

3. Berenjenas con Miel

This is one of Tapa Leith’s most popular dishes. Aubergine are given a tempura style treatments and drizzled with honey.

4. Ensalada de Aguacate y Garbanzos

This simple salad is perfectly balanced and ideal for summer dining.  Avocado, crunchy chick peas, toasted almonds and sesame seeds make a wonderful salad combination.


5. Tortilla con Sobrasada


The tortilla con Sobrasada is a another best seller at Tapa. This traditional potato and onion omelette has layers of Manchego cheese through it and takes it name from the soft chorizo layered through it from Mallorca called Sobrasada.

6. Bacalao


The bacalao looks sensational served on a slate and comprises oven roasted fillet of cod next to a timbale of lentils that have been infused with aromatic spices served on top of a roasted butternut squash sauce.

7. Bunuelos de Rabo de Toro


Our final sensational Spanish dish from Tapa is their handrolled oxtail croquettes, served on mojo picón, a spicy, smoked paprika sauce originating from the Canary Islands. A true taste of Spain. 

If this has whet your appetite enough, Tapa Leith has a number of  offers on 5pm Dining including:

£50 per couple for a glass of cava each on arrival, accompanied by a platter of jamon, manchego + olives. Your choice of four tapas to share, followed by churros con chocolate for dessert + a bottle of Rioja

Take a look at Tapa’s menus and more offers here