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June 11, 2014
[Last night's launch party in the upstairs restaurant at Hutchesons.][1]
Last night’s launch party in the upstairs restaurant at Hutchesons.

Earlier this week, we promised that today we would post a full report on the new Hutchesons cafe bar and restaurant in the Merchant City.

Well, the 5pm Dining blog was at the rather spiffing launch party last night and the place is looking like a million dollars. Or £1.3m to be more accurate.

Regrettably, while the cafe bar and restaurant look stunning, our photos don’t do them justice. In fact, a monkey with a pin hole camera could probably have done better.

The upshot is that we’ll run something as soon as we have got our sticky little monkey paws on some decent images.

Hopefully, it will be tomorrow when the venue opens to the public.

It’ll be worth the wait. Believe me.