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June 24, 2014
[Jason Bean][1]
Jason Bean

With Glasgow University slap bang in the middle of Glasgow’s West End, there’s no shortage of young blood in the area, spending their limited pennies in the area’s restaurants.

We spoke to recently graduated Jason Bean on his favourite Glasgow West End student dining haunts.

Curlers Rest

Jason says that Curler’s Rest, located on Byres Road is the perfect substitute for Ashton Lane: “While it’s a busy pub, you don’t have that over crowded feel that sometimes ruins an evening that Ashton Lane is notorious for, you know trying to find a seat and having to shout to hear your friends speaking.

“For being right on Byres Road and for being right next to the underground, I was surprised at how reasonably priced the food was. Which can be a rarity for somewhere in the West End, especially on the busiest section of Byres Road.

“The macaroni cheese was superb and well priced, and they didn’t hold back portion wise. While a student favourite, it has a mixed crown and appeals to families, after work drinks and older generations.”

To help everyone save money we’ve got a number of offers for Curlers Rest including 20% off their main menu – more info here.

Charlie Rocks

Jason’s other top pick would be Charlie Rocks. He just loves their breakfasts!

“After a night of partying, it becomes a necessity to have a proper breakfast to give you an energy boost and make you feel somewhat human again. Charlie Rocks is perfect for doing just that. The buttermilk pancakes with maple syrup were delicious and were just as good as any I’d had in the states. You’ll love them so much that you’ll make it your goal to start making them at home (you wont, but the idea will be there).

“Which is another reason why Charlie Rocks’ breakfasts are so good, because they go all out like the Americans do, they don’t hold back – French toast and all variations of eggs, not just ‘scrambled or fried?’. They say breakfast is the most important meal, yet we are always on the go and this is alternative to the usual mundane cereal we eat on the go as we dart for our train in the morning. When dining here, you’ll remember how good breakfasts can be and that is what makes the experience more worthwhile, you don’t need to go to America to witness a typical USA Breakfast.

“Right down to the syrups and eggs this is a true American diner and hands up one of the best places to go for breakfast in Glasgow. So whether you need a hearty breakfast after a night out or the morning before an exam, or wish to enjoy a typical American breakfast like an American student, Charlie Rocks is your guy.”

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Bar Soba West End

Moving further down Byres Road, Jason also rates Bar Soba West End.

“Special food deals, a number of drinks promotions and an extensive cocktail list mean Bar Soba is an ideal hangout for students. Who doesn’t love a 2 for 1 offer?!

“It’s ideally located in the middle of Byres Road, between subway stations and close to Glasgow University, and the hip and trendy decor gives the restaurant a younger street vibe. Their cocktails are brilliant.”

If you’re looking for a quick lunch Bar Soba West End have the following offer on 5pm Dining: £8.95 for 2 courses on express lunch menu – more info and offers here.

Little Urban Achievers Club (aka LUAC)

Heading to Great Western Road and next to the popular Viper (formally affectionately known as ‘clatty pats’), is the Little Urban Achievers Club, also known as LUAC. It’s a popular haunt with students for a bite to eat and Jason explains why.

“The bar menu at Little Urban Achievers Club offers typical student pub grub such as burgers, pizza and hot dogs, which complement the many drinks offered on promotion at the Great Western Road hangout.

“Beers are a speciality at LUAC, although the cocktails and other offers for drinks are an ideal thumbs after a day of classes and lectures.”

LUAC has lots of offers on 5pm Dining including 2 for 1 pizzas – more offers, menus and online booking here.

The Drake

On the edge of Woodlands, The Drake is a popular destination for students heading into town for a night out, Jason says:

“Students looking for a more upmarket haunt are attracted to The Drake, with a warm, homely bar area with brick walls and cosy fire. Sporting events are often shown on the screens and the resident DJ lifts the atmosphere at the weekends.

“The Drake offers affordable drinks and food promotions and is suitably located near the university but also close to the City Centre. They’ve also got a hidden gem of an outdoor area, perfect for drinks in the sun.”

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