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June 1, 2014


[Antonio Muloku from Villa Toscana][1]
Antonio Muloku from Villa Toscana

Villa Toscana is an established Italian in Finnieston, making its roots in the area before most of the current fashionable crowd.

We spoke to chef owner Antonio Muloku about his popular Italian restaurant and being based in this fashionable area.

“My family have been in Glasgow for 60 years. I grew up in Italy but came here almost 17 years ago. I’ve been working 15 years in Glasgow and opened Villa Toscana in 2006. I think that we have the best pizzas in Glasgow and our top pizza would be the Scottish Haggis pizza. We combine the Scottish and Italian cusines in a few other dishes too. We have got Scottish salmon; pan fried salmon – its beautiful. Villa Toscana also have pasta with smoked salmon and a nice creamy sauce.

[Villa Toscana][3]
Villa Toscana

“Finnieston, where we’re based, has been getting better and better especially now with opening of The Hydro. I think it is the best area in Glasgow. There are new places opening all time, new bars opening all the time. Finnieston has a really mixed variety of restaurants so there’s not too much competition. We have Greeks, Italians, pubs, Scottish, bars, Chinese takeaways; it is a good area, a good mix.”

Offer – £13.95 for 3 courses & drink – view Villa Toscana’s menus