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September 4, 2014

As ever, it’s all go in Glasgow with new ventures springing up faster than the 5pm Dining blog when it has the scent of a bacon buttie hot in its nostrils.

First up, we suspect that any suggestion that Glasgow has reached peak burger may be premature.

Along with reports of the Gourmet Burger King and Five Guys chains planning to set up shop in the city, we also understand that a new local operation is about launch.

BRGR on horizon

The owners are keeping it under wraps at the moment but we understand that BRGR will be opening their doors to the public in the next week or so.

The new venture promises to ‘celebrate the best of local produce’ with a range of ‘braw burgers’ all inspired by ‘venues over the pond’.

The new venture is at 526 Great Western Road, formerly home to the Black Rabbit Bar. More news as we get it.

Section 33

We’ve also been in touch with Kyle Steel who we last saw at the launch of Las Iguanas back in March.

It turns out that Kyle, along with Chris Gibson, is behind the new Section 33 pop-up company which is making waves on the twittersphere.

According to their rather cool website, they aim to be ‘the cutting-edge of the underground pop-up restaurant scene’.

Guests will get to taste ‘the best in locally sourced produce delivered in soulful street food fashion’. All done with a ‘high-end foodie twist’.


Top secret

The first adventure is taking place over the weekend of Friday October 3 to Sunday October 5. At the time of scribbling, the actual location is still secret squirrel but we do know it’s somewhere on the Southside.

We have suspicions that the venue may have historic links with the meat trade but, TBH, we’re stabbing in the dark a bit.

Apparently, the proposed menu currently has fifteen dishes. Three are veggie; two are fish and the rest are meaty.

The dishes are designed to be shared.

Tickets are available now from here. A fiver gains entry and your first drink. All the dishes will hover around the £6 mark.

Expect live music, DJ sets and an open bar. There is also a strong ethical slant to the business with the organisers promising to hand over a chunk of each event’s profits to charity.


Recognise this? Could it be the Southside venue for the pop-up? It's on the Section 33 Facebook page. Hmmm...
Recognise this? Could it be the Southside venue for the pop-up? It’s on the Section 33 Facebook page. Hmmm…