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September 9, 2014
There will be plenty of sides on offer at BRGR.
There will be plenty of sides on offer at BRGR.

Don’t worry, this isn’t going to be about the latest royal sprog. Delightful as we are sure it will be.

Instead, if you are in Glasgow’s West End tomorrow then you may witness the birth of the city’s latest burger joint.

Or rather, it’s first BRGR restaurant. As we mentioned last week, BRGR is a new place on Western Road which has set up in the premises formerly used by Black Rabbit.

Hawd me back

Unique to BRGR will be the aptly named ‘hawder’, a device which ‘hawds’ your burger and ensures less mess, fewer spills and, apparently, an all-round better burger eating experience.

It is a fun idea but, having not seen one in action, we like to imagine that it will be the cutlery equivalent of those hats that hold two beer cans and have straws leading to the wearer’s mouth.

Anyway, where were we? The new venue boasts six different varieties of meat-based burgers, including three beef choices, as well as a seventh vegetarian option.

All the burgers are handmade using the freshest ingredients and can be teamed with a range of sides including wings, mac ‘n’ cheese, charred corn with jalapeno butter and a selection of fries.

Local suppliers

Although owner Chris Lessani has been inspired by many of the burger joints he encountered while visiting America, BRGR is firmly focused on Glasgow.

Suppliers include Rodgers Butchers and George Mewes Cheese on Byres Road, Big Bear Bakery in Glasgow and Glasgow’s Direct Foods for fruit and vegetables.

Free burgers

To celebrate its opening tomorrow, BRGR, with support from Rodgers Butchers, will be giving free burgers away, while stocks last, from noon to 8pm.

As part of the giveaway, hungry burger fans will have the option to make a donation to the Scottish charity, Unite Against Cancer. The charity will receive all the proceeds from the day.

West End burgers


Fancy a free BRGR?
Fancy a free BRGR?

Owner Chris Lessani commented: ‘Burgers are hugely popular in Glasgow’s city centre, but in the West End there aren’t that many options if you are looking for a really high quality burger in a great dining experience.

‘We have some fantastic suppliers in the city and we wanted to celebrate this in the creation of our braw burgers. We have kept our menu quite small but with enough variation so that people can get what they are looking for. We will also have a kids menu for our little BRGR diners.’