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September 18, 2014

Viva Restaurant on Glasgow’s Bothwell Street invited us through their doors to film them cooking the delicious Fettucine Manzo e Fungi, one of their most popular dishes – watch the video below.

We had a chat with William Duncan, Head Chef at Viva.

How long have you been a chef for?

“Twenty four years. Mostly Italian and a wee bit of Mexican. But on the whole I’ve stuck to Italian. I’ve worked in Viva for nearly 10 years now.”

What do you like about cooking Italian food?

“In Viva it’s more a fast food sort of Italian. Especially the size of the restaurant, it’s a 150 seater. So you really need to be quick to get great tasting food out in a timely way, as in, pastas are quick, pizzas are quick.

“We also do steaks, fish dishes – so we have other things happening. But pastas should be quick and simple as possible. People want fed, especially at lunchime. We have quite a busy lunch crowd.”

What dishes are particularly popular at Viva?

“Your carbonara and bolognese have always been popular. Others ones like penne marco with chicken and mushrooms are dishes people like. Things with chicken sells well, and there are vegetarian options as well.

“In terms of pizza the Milano and Americano, which is a meat feast pizza, and also Pollo picante, which is a spicy chicken one with jalapenos are the most popular. The popular ones are often the spicy ones.”

What are the most popular type of pastas?

“Penne. We go through lots of that. I think most people like it as they aren’t going to eat it and not worry that they are sitting out for a meal and have it drip round them.”

For the dish we just filmed you making, what is the meat marinated in?

“Olive oil, lemon, wee bits of chilli, wee bits of garlic and Worchester sauce. It’s marinated for 24 hours plus. The longer it is the more tender it will get.”

If you want to give Viva a try, check out their full menus and offers on 5pm – they’ve currently got a great 25% offer non 5pm Dining.