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October 2, 2014
The Anchor Line bar
The Anchor Line bar

The 5pm Dining blog swung by the newly opened Anchor Line bar and grill on St Vincent Place earlier this week.

It looks spectacular.

Formerly the HQ of the Anchor Shipping line, it has been restored at a reported cost of £1.5 million and you can see every penny of it in the décor.

Glasgow to New York

The shipping company used to run liners to destinations such as New York, India and Pakistan. The names of the ships which made the journeys are embossed on plaques hung along the walls.

From the Columbia to the Elysia via the Tuscania, they are all there along with memorabilia such as adverts for the company, posters and pics of New York icons like the Flat Iron building.

There is also lots of marble, Art Deco style lighting and discreet booths – although they are not so discreet that their diners cannot see and be seen.

Shipping memorabilia lines the walls at The Anchor Line.
Shipping memorabilia lines the walls at The Anchor Line.

Dry aged steaks

The main dining room and the bar are separated by an open kitchen which offers lots of dry aged steaks, lobsters and other seafood. You can see the full menu from here.

The drinks list is fun. Drawing inspiration from the Prohibition era, it features classics such as Negronis, Brandy Alexanders and Aviations as well as contemporary mixes like the Maestro Espresso.

Looking back to the ships travelling between the two cities, one of the aims of the owners was to draw attention to the links between Glasgow and NYC.

A number of drinks on the cocktail list do just that. The Clydesider is The Anchor Line’s take on a Rusty Nail and it blends American whiskey and Scotch along with bitters.

The Anchor Line is from the same team who run the Di Maggio, Barolo, Amarone and Café Andaluz restaurants.