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October 6, 2014
[Krispy Kreme burger: just what the doctor ordered.][1]
Krispy Kreme burger: just what the doctor ordered.

After last week’s announcement that Martin Wishart is to open a branch of The Honours in Glasgow’s Malmaison, the 5pm Dining blog thought that it might have a quiet lie down. Put its feet up, rest our eyes and so on.

How silly of us.

Those new openings just keep coming.

First up, Mama San in Saint Judes on Glasgow’s Bath Street has now become The Lost Cause Liquor Store.

We love the name, especially as Saint Jude is the patron saint of lost causes.

Apparently, the décor is inspired by ‘run down street corner liquor stores’, a vibe which the 5pm Dining blog is always fond of.

And one which perhaps makes a welcome alternative to the more glossy options on the Bath Street party circuit.

Cold beer and hard liquor

Cold beer, hard liquor and a ‘reclaimed’ interior are among the attractions along with a very carnivorous menu.

Natch, there is a large selection of burgers. Anyone up for a Meaty Bitch? A Krispy Kreme Burger? They are all made from 28-day aged Scotch beef and topped with everything from cheese to peanut butter.

The brave, or foolhardy, can take a run at the Meat Sweats platter – beef ribs, baby back pork ribs and a range of sliders.

There are also chilli cheese dogs, disco fries, the cheekily named bingo wings and, for those of us on a health kick, something called a ‘sleazy salad’.

Las Iguanas fiesta

On the other side of the M8, Las Iguanas has opened on George Street. Along with outlets in Aberdeen and Glasgow, the Edinburgh branch brings the number of Las Iguanas restaurants in Scotland to three.

As well as a list of kickass cocktails, Las Iguanas proffers a long menu of Spanish and Latin American dishes.

From emapanadas to burritos via tacos and coconut curries, they have everything you might need to fuel a little after work fiesta.

Las Iguanas: get your empanadas while they are hot.
Las Iguanas: get your empanadas while they are hot.