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December 2, 2014

Broughty Ferry has a new Italian restaurant. Named after the northern Italian town of Borgo Val di Taro, Borgatoro is part of the Fort Hotel on Fort Street.

Alongside a short selection of pasta, pizza and grill dishes, the menu includes the house risotto flavoured with porcini mushrooms and Parmesan – two products which Borgo Val di Taro is famous for.

As ever, we owe a shout out to Dram magazine for drawing our attention to this snippet.

Catch of the day

In Giffnock, Catch Fish and Chips is taking shape on Fenwick Road.

Run by the same team that have the Andiamo restaurants in Milngavie, Giffnock and Hamilton, Catch is to be an upmarket chippy and sit-in restaurant.

According to an interview with Giancarlo Celino in the splendid STV city app, the new venture is ‘a modern take on a neighbourhood takeaway; we don’t want to be known as a seafood restaurant’.

Customers will be able to pick their fish from a chill counter and chefs in the open plan kitchen will cook it to order.

As well as haddock, cod and halibut, the menu will feature such delicacies as lobster thermidor croquettes and king prawn tempura.

The 5pm Dining blog is all for a modern take on the chippy although we are still trying to get our heads around the idea of ordering a lobster thermidor supper with a pickled onion on the side.

With a fair wind behind them, the team hope to open Catch in around two weeks.

Lobster thermidor croquettes will be on the menu at Catch Fish and Chips
Lobster thermidor croquettes will be on the menu at Catch Fish and Chips