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January 19, 2015
Maison de Moggy's Amelie: cute but she knows it. Pic via Facebook.
Maison de Moggy’s Amelie: cute but she knows it. Pic via [Facebook][1].

Depending on what side of the bed you emerged from this morning, today, the 19th of January, may or may not be the most depressing day of the year.

Cat-lovers who want to lift their spirits could always point their paws in the direction of Maison de Moggy, Scotland’s first cat café.

The kitty caff opened its doors on Hamilton Place in Edinburgh’s Stockbridge yesterday. This 5pm Dining blog scribbler sauntered past in the early afternoon and the place appeared to be filled with feline fans.

Purrfect tea companions

For those of you who are not moggy minded, the idea is that guests can pay a fee to spend some quality time playing with the kittens. There are also tea and cakes for sale.

Maison de Moggy’s feline personnel all look as though they have been chosen for their cutes factor – one suspects they would make terrible waiting staff and they are probably not to be trusted around the milk jug.

Dog diner?

This blogger has nothing against cats but I do prefer dogs. Not that I think a dog café would be a good idea.

The problem is that dogs and food tend to be a volatile combination. One Labrador that we know once managed to consume a large wooden spoon as a starter before moving on to the main course of a ½ kilo block of cheddar.

Naturally, the lab gulped down the cheese without removing its plastic wrapper.

With a track record like that, it seems unwise to put a pack of pooches in close proximity to hot tea and tray bakes without expecting terrible carnage.

Who are you calling a fat cat? Pic via Facebook.
Who are you calling a fat cat? Pic via [Facebook][6].