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March 12, 2015
Build it and they will come: the Ice Bar at Snow Factor.
Build it and they will come: the Ice Bar at Snow Factor.

As was mentioned yesterday, this 5pm Dining blog hack has just returned from his holidays.

As always, plenty of fresh restaurant news has surfaced while were away sunning ourselves.

In case you missed any of it, here’s what happening in Glasgow:

Chillin’ at the Ice Bar

In terms of pure novelty, nothing beats the news that a new ice bar is taking shape at Snow Factor in Braehead.

The 20-person capacity ice-bar will be located next to the main 170 metre long snow slope and made entirely of ice.

The temperature inside is expected to be minus 5C so warm jackets will be provided for customers.

Visits will also be restricted to 45 minutes – presumably to prevent the possibility of punters getting frostbite before they can finish their second drink.

The Ice Bar is pencilled in to open on Thursday 2nd April 2015.

You can do your own gags about it being Glasgow’s coolest drinking spot.

Beach huts on Buchanan Street

Switching from Baltic to balmy, we see that Sugar Dumplin is a new Caribbean BBQ and bar which is fixing to open in Princes Square.

They are currently recruiting ‘a rum-drinking, cocktail-shaking, jerk chicken-eating, party-loving team’ to staff the new venture.

Customers can look forward to rum cocktails, smoked chill burgers, Jamaican ginger cake and cheesy beats.

The latter being tunes yer Dad can dance to as opposed to some previously unheard of sort of Jamaican street food.

A taste of the Caribbean in Glasgow city centre.
A taste of the Caribbean in Glasgow city centre.

Tabac ready to spark up

Finally, in our last post about new Glasgow openings, we mentioned Tabac which is replacing Bar Ten on Mitchell Lane.

We understand that it is to open on Thursday 26th March.

According to this post on the STV city site, the new joint is aiming to feel like an off the beaten track bar in Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter.

Apparently, they will be selling Panther’s Milk cocktails – a concoction which we like to imagine is Ron Burgundy’s favourite tipple.