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March 25, 2015
Maki and Ramen Sushi Bar: does what it says on the tin. Pic via Facebook.
Maki and Ramen Sushi Bar: does what it says on the tin. Pic via [Facebook][1].

As far as the 5pm Dining blog is concerned, we can never have enough noodle joints. A rich broth, slippery noodles, punchy spicing and some slivers of beef – it’s the ultimate in quick and convenient scoff.

Especially if someone else is carefully tending to the stock for several hours.

So we were delighted to see that Maki and Ramen Sushi Bar has opened on West Richmond Street in Edinburgh.

Connected to the two Kampung Ali restaurants on Clerk Street and Fountainbridge, the new venture is on the former site of the Yum Yum Hong Kong Diner.

For all its plus points, striking good looks were never the forte of the previous restaurant. If memory serves, a lucky gold cat with a swinging paw was the one concession to interior design.

Stripped back style

With two rows of bar top seating running down the sides of the dining room and no stand alone tables, Maki and Ramen is equally as functional.

However, back-lit Japanese text on the walls and Anglepoise lamps illuminating a stone feature wall give it all a stripped back style.

Made fresh daily, the sushi is individually wrapped and on display by the entrance to the door.

The ramen are made by the staff using free range eggs while the broths are made from slow cooked pig and chicken bones.

The ramen menu is short and sweet with three noodles in broth versions pleading for attention against two noodles in sauce dishes. Char sui pork, shredded chicken, tofu and minced pork are all options.

Proportions are roughly 1/3 the size of a main meal serving and, at £2.80, priced accordingly. The idea is that you can eat lightly or try a few different flavours.

There are also sides/starters available. Think spicy honey chicken wings; pumpkin croquettes and pork gyoza.

One imagines that students from nearby Edinburgh Uni will be delighted to see Maki and Ramen Sushi Bar open for business.

Inside Maki and Ramen Sushi Bar. Pic via Facebook.
Inside Maki and Ramen Sushi Bar. Pic via [Facebook][6].