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April 15, 2015

Divino Enoteca

Straight from the kitchens of Divino Enoteca in Edinburgh’s Old Town, we’ve got the perfect recipe for Spring . We paid them a visit and filmed them cooking one of their new dishes.

Pan-fried Pollock on braised fennel & crushed tomato, with capers, anchovies sauce, black olives

Have a look at the recipe below and watch Head Chef Gavin Thompson and Executive Chef Spencer Wilson demonstrate how to make pan-fried Pollock on braised fennel and crushed tomato, with capers, anchovies sauce, black olives & finished with basil leaves and Extra Virgin olive oil. This gluten free dish offers a taste of Spring that you can also cook at home.



170-200g pollock

75ml pomace oil

25g diced shallots

2g diced anchovies

10g diced black olives

20g capers

100g tomatoes

50ml fish stock

3 x 25g butter

3g basil

1 half fennel = 3 wedges

40ml Napoli sauce

25ml Vermouth

100ml vegetable stock

25ml Extra Virgin olive oil


The Fish

Season both sides just before cooking

Add a drizzle of pomace oil (25ml) to a pan on a medium to hot heat

Place fish skin side down & cook until skin is golden

Add 25g butter

Turn & cook for 1 min

Place in oven for approx. 4 mins


Sauté shallots until soft in 25ml of pomace oil

Add anchovies and sauté for 1 min

Add tomatoes and sauté for 1 min

Add capers, black olives, fish stock and Napoli sauce & heat

Add 25g butter, cook until sauce has emulsified

Add basil & season as required

Drizzle with olive oil


Cut in to 3 wedges

Season each side & fry in a little pomace oil (25ml) until golden.

Add 25g butter & allow to foam

Add Vermouth & vegetable stock

Braise slowly until fennel is cooked

To plate

Centre 3 pieces of fennel on plate

Place pollock on top

Generously spoon the sauce over the fish & around the plate

If cooking’s not your thing, you can give Divino Enoteca a try with their 5pm Dining offer – £20 for 3 courses on simply divino menu – more information here