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May 27, 2015

Nothing says late spring like a lamb dish. Of course, lamb can be enjoyed all year round as an alternative to more obvious beef or chicken, but lamb’s rich tender taste is best enjoyed when it’s sunny outside.

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One of the benefits of lamb is how versatile it is; it can be enjoyed on its own with a bit of seasoning, in a kebab, in a curry, in a stew, the possibilities are almost endless.

We asked three Glasgow restaurants two show us what they would choose to do with lamb which you can use for your own recipe inspiration.

Lamb rump

Azur Bistro in Glasgow’s Princes Square cooked…Lamb rump with a mediterranean chickpea stew.

£13.95 for 2 courses on fixed price menu + glass of sparkling wine at Azur Bistro on 5pm Dining.

Three cuts of lamb

Cail Bruich West in Glasgow’s West End cooked…Three cuts of seasonal Scottish lamb with locally sourced green vegetables.

£16 for 2 courses on market menu at Cail Bruich West on 5pm Dining.

Lamb rump take 2

Shackleton’s Bar & Brasserie in Edinburgh cooked…Lamb with vegetables and an aubergine puree.

20% bar and brasserie menu discount at Shackleton’s Bar and Brasserie on 5pm Dining.