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July 28, 2015

Unless the weather changes dramatically, it’s fair to say summer 2015 has not been a classic.

In fact, thanks to the the cloudy skies and drizzle, we would barely even know it was summer at all if it wasn’t for two things: Facebook newsfeeds filled with photos of folk jetting off on their holidays and fruit and veg shops packed to the brim with Scottish strawberries.

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In season from the end of May til September, strawberries are a summer fruit (of course you can eat imported strawberries all year round but the locally grown ones are better to the environment as well as fresher and more delicious).

Although most often associated with dessert, strawberries are incredible versatile, which we discovered for ourselves when we approached three popular 5pm restaurants and asked them to create a dish featuring the fruit.

A summer salad, a refreshing cocktail and a guilt free dessert, we’ve got a strawberry dish to suit every summer barbecue (remember to bring a rain jacket).

La Laterna

In a city with tons of Italian restaurants, La Laterna in Glasgow City Centre’s Hope Street remains one of the most popular and highly regarded, largely thanks to head chef Luca who hails from Turin. Their strawberry dish was a fusion of Scottish and Spanish ingredients: strawberries from Scotland, figs from Italy, Parma ham obviously from Parma, and breadsticks from Turin. Watch Luca create…

Prosciutto con frutta e melone: finely sliced parma ham served over melon and strawberries.

£13.95 for 2 courses on pre-theatre menu – plus more offers – at La Laterna on 5pm Dining.

Black Sparrow

Stylish bar Black Sparrow in Glasgow’s Charing Cross is known for its quality gastro pub food (especially the two for one burgers) but also boasts an impressive cocktail menu. For our strawberry theme, barman Tyler created a strawberry daiquiri just perfect for sipping in the bar’s beer garden. If you recognise Tyler  it’s because he’s an actor who has featured in an Irn Bru advert! (the one where the girl turns her boyfriend’s house pink). Watch Tyler create a …

Strawberry Daiquiri

2 for 1 burgers – average price for a burger is £9 – plus more offers – at Black Sparrow on 5pm Dining.

Juice Garden Byres Road

A dessert that is delicious and actually good for you? Look no further than Juice Garden Byres Road’s acai bowl which tastes just like ice cream but is made with fruit and almond milk and is completely dairy free. Juice Garden is spearheading Glasgow’s shift from a city known for its love of greasy food to a city proudly posting Instagram snaps of juices and healthy salads. Juice Garden’s motto is “healthy is the new sexy” and their menu is packed with nutritional dishes such as hot spicy quinoa, superfood salads and avocado sandwiches. Even their chocolate brownie is only made with natural ingredients! For a guilt free dessert this summer, look no further than…

Acai bowl with home made granola and strawberries

£10 for 2 courses on chef’s choice menu at Juice Garden Byres Road on 5pm Dining.