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August 27, 2015
The crustacea bar at Galvin Brasserie de Luxe Pic: Paul Johnston at Copper Mango
The crustacea bar at Galvin Brasserie de Luxe Pic: Paul Johnston at Copper Mango

Thanks to shows such as MasterChef, most of us now have a fair idea of what life can be like in a professional kitchen.

And, again for most of us, getting a glimpse of the hard graft and long hours required of a chef is usually enough to convince us to stay on the sofa.

If you would like a more hands-on experience then you could investigate a couple of events taking place in September at Waldorf Astoria Edinburgh – the Caledonian.

Don’t worry. No-one is going to make you pull a fourteen hour shift peeling onions, pin-boning fish or cleaning the stockpot.

This is a hands-on kitchen experience for those of us who know which side of the pass we belong on.

Seafood Masterclass at Galvin Brasserie de Luxe

Join the Brasserie’s chef in the salon privé to watch their grand seafood platter being assembled from fresh ingredients including lobster, crab, scallops, clams, mussels and oysters. Then have a go at making one for you and your friends to share whilst enjoying a glass of Champagne.

Thursday 24th September, 6.30pm, £25 per person. Bookings for tables of four only, includes a grand seafood platter and four glasses of Champagne.

Wednesday Kitchen at The Pompadour by Galvin

Join executive chef Fraser Allan for a briefing with a glass of champagne in The Pompadour’s cocktail salon, before following him to the kitchen to make your own starter under his expert guidance. Your work will then be served to you in The Pompadour’s magnificent dining room followed by a further two courses from the seasonal menu.

This 5pm Dining scribbler has been in the kitchens at The Pompadour and, if you like your kitchen gadgets, they are fantastic. They make the bridge of Star Trek’s Enterprise look backwards.

Wednesday 30th September, 6pm, £45 per person.