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February 15, 2016


Food rating

The Food Standards Agency has launched a new campaign for diners in England, Wales and Northern Ireland to identify if a restaurant adheres to the food hygiene rating scheme set by the Agency.

Did you know to check restaurants for the green and black sticker (like above) indicating the restaurant’s hygiene rating? These should be displayed in restaurants and the sticker shows that the venue complies with the scheme giving you confidence that the restaurant takes food safety as seriously as you do.

The food hygiene rating scheme itself was launched five years ago. The ratings they give restaurants are determined by local authority food safety officers and run from 0 – 5, with a 5 rating meaning very good food hygiene standards. The stickers highlight the ratings to diners.

If you can’t see the sticker ask the restaurant or simply search for the restaurant on the Food Standards Agency’s website; this lists over 455,000 food businesses who’re rated by the Agency and over 93% of these are rated 3 or better.

Whilst the stickers aren’t used in Scotland, here you can simply check if the restaurant takes part in the Food Hygiene Information Scheme.