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March 28, 2016

A posh London restaurant caused a furore recently when it refused to let a diner take leftovers home claiming ‘council policy’ prevented them.

Now, leftovers at the end of a meal is almost unheard of in the 5pm office but we do understand that perhaps 5pm Diners aren’t the gannets we are and may have some food remaining that they’re too full to finish but too reluctant to waste.

Asking for a doggy bag at the US is standard practice among diners (probably partly due to the humongous portions) whilst in the UK, it seems to be less common with etiquette and embarrassment attached to the issue.


What do you think; is asking for a doggy bag a big no-no for you or do you reckon you’ve paid for your meal, you should be able to take anything leftover home?

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