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April 14, 2016
Kimchi: can 50 million south Koreans be wrong? Pic by Nagyman via Wiki.
Kimchi: can 50 million south Koreans be wrong? Pic by [Nagyman][1] via Wiki.

Seoul Restaurant is the latest in a number of new Korean restaurants in Glasgow.

Maybe it’s the new direct flights between Glasgow International Airport and Seoul but something seems to be driving a Glasgow mini-boom in Korean food at the moment.

The latest Korean restaurant to open in Glasgow is Seoul Restaurant on Miller Street, just above SoHo pizzeria. We wandered in last Friday as it was just opening.


The paint was still drying at this point which may explain why they don’t seem to have any internet presence (feel free to correct this if you know better). However, we did have a swatch at the menus and they are packed with classic Korean dishes and ingredients such as bibimbap, hot pots and kimchi – the sour, spicy, fermented cabbage which is perhaps the iconic Korean food.

There were also plenty of other noodle, tempura and sushi dishes which are on offer in most other restaurants from the region. There may be specifically Korean ways of serving ramen soups but I plead ignorance as to what they may be.

Pan-Asian in Princes Square

Other recent newcomers include Kimchi Cult, just off Byres Road, and Obu, a pan-Asian restaurant in Princes Square which dishes up Korean fried chicken – it’s the new KFC – as well as bulgogi beef burgers.

You can check Obu’s 5pm offers here. They are currently running an offer for two courses plus wine from the pre-theatre for £12.95.

They join the long-running Shilla in the West End and Master Sun’s Hot Pot on Cambridge Street which has been around for a few years.

Not every Korean restaurant in Glasgow has flourished. Bo Kantina on West Regent Street – now Poco Havana – didn’t seem to last long although they did pop-up at Glasgow Restaurant Festival last week.