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February 16, 2017

Did you know Scotland has a rum distillery? We discovered Scotland’s first and only rum Dark Matter while trying a Westroom cocktail.

Westroom’s Bar Manager Matt gave us a demo of their Dark Matter Scottish Rum cocktail, Bloc Rockin Beets, that’s very easy to make at home.

The Westroom’s cocktails use top quality spirits in quirky combinations to give an educated flavour. The Bloc Rockin Beets cocktail is a classic example of this. Scottish rum mixed with beet shrub isn’t something you find in every bar.

Watch Matt take you through the recipe in the video below.

If you want to make it at home, the ingredients and quantities are as follows:

  • 50ml Dark Matter Scottish Rum
  • 25ml Fresh lemon juice
  • 25ml Beet Shrub
  • 1 x Egg white
  • 1 x Dehydrated candied beetroot
  • Use a coupe glass to serve

A cool bar in Edinburgh’s West End

Westroom cocktail

If you’ve not heard about The Westroom, located in Edinburgh’s West End, that might be because its quiet confidence only shows itself to locals who view it as a favourite neighbourhood bar. Others who happen across it soon become firm fans due to its relaxed and homely atmosphere and the quality of its food.

Using ‘the best of British’ locally soured ingredients, The Westroom’s food matches its surroundings, with items like Scotch egg with HP sauce and mussels with skinny chips.

If you want to enjoy a Westroom cocktail, there’s no better excuse to visit than with the 20% food discount you can get at The Westroom by booking on 5pm.