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March 2, 2017

Guilty Pleasures at Blythswood Square is potentially the naughtiest treat in Glasgow.

The five star Blythswood Square Hotel is challenging the notion that Champagne must be served with delicate canapés.

They’ve decided Champagne tastes just as good, maybe even better, with stodgy comfort food like cocktail sausages, jenga chips and pork fritters.

Guilty Pleasures at Blythswood

Guilty Pleasures at Blythswood Square

If you live in Glasgow you are almost definitely aware of the five star Blythswood Square Hotel and its reputation as one of the most luxurious locations in the city.

Their bar, The Salon, has opulent surroundings of Harris Tweed, Roman columns and marble, making it a place to sip an expertly mixed cocktail or pop open a premium bottle of bubbly.

The new Guilty Pleasures at Blythswood Square package invites you to do just that – with an indulgent serving of comfort food on the side.

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Champagne served with pork fritters

Guilty Pleasures at Blythswood Square reflects two personalities of Glasgow: our glam side and our love of fried food.

Chomping on cocktail sausages and pork fritters in the uber sophisticated surroundings of Blythswood Square Hotel feels particularly naughty.

The dishes may be guilty but the quality of the food is just as high as you’d expect from the Blythswood – the Jenga chips are crispy and fluffy, the sesame glazed cocktail sausages are made with the highest quality pork, and Panko crusted confit pork fritters are the prefect combination of crispy and juicy.

The dishes are served with truffle mayo, BBQ sauce, and pimento sauce. Vegetarian alternatives are available.

The Baron de Villeboerg Champagne is light and very drinkable, going down a treat alongside the moreish carbolific treats.

Guilty Pleasures at Blythswood

Book on 5pm

Guilty Pleasures at Blythswood Square is a very enjoyable way to meet a friend and while away an evening or afternoon

It can be booked on 5pm Dining – £40 for two people for a bottle of Champagne and three portions of savoury bites.