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May 17, 2017
Sunday roast
Roast beef with all the trimmings at The Printing Press Bar and Kitchen.

Sunday roast was recently added to the menu at The Printing Press Bar & Kitchen on George Street in Edinburgh.

They invited the 5pm Dining blog along for a test drive.

Served from noon to 5pm at Printing Press Bar & Kitchen, their Sunday roast includes a traditional roast rib of Scottish beef plus an alternative meat option such as lamb or pork as well as a third vegetarian choice.

Priced at £19.95 for two courses, it includes a seasonal Scottish berry crumble to share.

Children (aged 4 to 12 years) are priced at £9.95 and under-fours dine for free.

The blog has written before about the dining room at The Printing Press Bar & Kitchen and it remains as impressive as ever.

It is a spacious room with all sorts of flowing cornicing and ceiling mouldings; eye-catching chandeliers and gorgeous parquet flooring.

The dining room of The Printing Press.
The dining room of The Printing Press.

Sunday roast with all the trimmings

In keeping with the room, the waiting staff are polished and very smartly turned out – all aprons and waistcoats.

While everything looks spick and span, this isn’t a stuffy experience. If you went along with the extended family then your ancient aunt would find little to tut about while your teenage cousins wouldn’t feel suffocated.

Our roast beef and roast pork hit the spot. There were two fat slices of pink beef with a ribbon of creamy fat around the edge. The pork was moist and tender.

The meat was accompanied by a giant Yorkshire pudding and plenty of rich, shiny gravy.

The roast spuds were crisp while the turnips were nicely caramelised. The carrots were sweet and the Brussels sprouts had kept a pleasant crunch.

For pudding, we really enjoyed the apple and rhubarb crumble. The crumble topping was textbook: initially crisp but then satisfyingly chewy and buttery without being stodgy. The custard was silky and the slow-cooked melting fruit had a fresh acidity without being tart.

Comfort food

Fruit crumble isn’t a complex, cheffy dish. It’s a homely comfort food and when it’s done properly – like this one – it’s a heart-warming pleasure.

In that sense, a fruit crumble has much in common with a traditional Sunday roast. Each element is not complicated but nor is it easy to get everything cooked well and on the table at the same time.

A Sunday roast is also the sort of thing that lends itself to sharing with friends and family. If they are not around, then few of us would go to the bother of buying, prepping and cooking Sunday roast lunch with all the trimmings.

Sunday roast at The Printing Press Bar & Kitchen means you can enjoy this traditional pleasure whether there are half a dozen of you or just two.

You can book in to The Printing Press Bar & Kitchen via 5pm Dining.


Sunday roast
Apple and rhubarb crumble to share.