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June 10, 2017

You’ll never be short of dining options in Glasgow’s Merchant City. As well many Italian and Indian restaurants, the city’s stylish neighbourhood offers a range of eclectic dining experiences from Mongolian BBQ to Japanese teppanyaki cooked right before your eyes. Check out our picks below.

1. Sapporo Teppanyaki

Creating Japnaese teppanyaki with a sense of theatre, Sapporo Teppanyaki is fun, flamboyant and one of the most sociable dining experiences in Glasgow. The chefs put on a show to create your food in front of your eyes. As one 5pm reviewer said “beware the projectile vegetables.”

2_5% A La Carte Discount at Sapporo Teppanyaki_

2. Gandolfi Fish

A must for fans of seafood, Gandolfi Fish was opened in 2007 by Seamus, owner of the well regarded Cafe Gandolfi. His long held dream of opening a fish restaurant was realised and the result is a stylish light and airy space in the heart of the Merchant City which serves a seasonally adjusted menu making the most of Scotland’s fresh seafood.

£15.95 For 2 Courses at Gandolfi Fish.

3.Cossachok Restaurant

Blinis, borscht and stroganoff can all be found on the menu of Cossachok, your chance to experience Russian dining in the Merchant City. You can also try lesser known dishes such as Siberian Pelmeni, Russian beef and pork mince ravioli, or their Kutuzov Cake,a ‘breakthtaking honey cake dessert’.

£15.95 for 2 courses on a la carte menu at Cossachok Restaurant.

4. Ad Lib Merchant City

[Ad Lib Merchant City][4]
Ad Lib Merchant City

Fancy tackling a monster burger of 3lb’s of Aberdeen Angus beef, 3 beef tomatoes, 2 onions and 1lb of cheese? The photo above is our Alan having a go (he didn’t manage it). If you prefer regular sized portions, Ad Lib Merchant City have plenty of gourmet burgers on the menu. £12.95 per person for 2 courses on the Mexico menu at Ad Lib Merchant City.

5. Merchant City Grill

[Merchant City Grill][6]
Merchant City Grill

Enjoy a steak and a flutter at Merchant City Grill which is situated inside Gala Casino. The Grill’s premier Scottish steaks are aged for a minimum of 28 days. And with food served 24 hours a day you can tuck in at 4am if you like.

25% A La Carte Discount at Merchant City Grill.

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