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September 26, 2017

Looking for a cool place to dine in Manchester city centre with a quality menu that also gives you a great discount? We’ve got the place for you. Here are 4 reasons to book The Grill on The Alley right now.

1. Steak, steak, steak

4 reasons to book The Grill on The Alley right now

True to its name, the grill is well used at The Grill on The Alley and steak is its crowning glory.

The beef is selected from the countries around the world that produce the best cuts: rump and chateaubriand from Australia, sirloin and porterhouse from Scotland, ribeye from Argentina and fillet and longbone from England. All cuts are 28 day wet and dry aged.

We all know that steaks need to be left to breathe prior to cooking but this restaurant leaves them for at least 24 hours, to improve their quality even more.

Another noteble dish is The Grill’s take on the steak sandwich: steak, mushrooms, cheese, onions and gravy in a hollowed out crusty loaf. Just take a look at the pic below, definitely a unique take.

2. …and seafood

The seafood on offer at The Grill on The Alley is on a par with the steak – just to make your dish decision even more difficult.

From traditional Dover sole and whole baked seabass to seared sashimi tuna and hake kiev, your favourite type of fish will surely be available on this restaurant’s menu.

Of course, you can combine seafood and steak for the ultimate surf and turf main course. Add 1/2 grilled lobster or a pan fried prawn skewer to your choice of steak.

3. Decor delight

With the stripped brick walls and neon lights you’ll feel like you’re in the heart of New York and not Manchester. (Coincidently, their sister Manchester restaurant, The Grill on New York Street, is on New York Street.)

Pick the right night and they’re might be live acoustic music adding to the already buzzy atmosphere.

4. Fab offer

Book The Grill on the Alley on 5pm and you’ll get a massive 30% discount off the a la carte menu.

Just visit The Grill on the Alley, search your dates and book your offer for free.